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Body Lotion Moisturizing with Donkey Milk


Bottle 150 ml

Body Lotion Moisturizing with Donkey Milk Sara Cosmetics is a cream with a soft and delicate texture that absorbs easily and leaves Its formulation designed to perform balanced hydration action combines the properties of donkey milk and olive oil in a single product, giving the skin a feeling of freshness and providing long-lasting nourishment. After use, the skin will be smoother and more satin.


The presence of donkey’s milk, rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E, increases its cleansing and hydration capacity and offers an antioxidant action. Extra virgin olive oil plays a protective role and counteracts free radicals.

Body Lotion Moisturizing with Donkey Milk Sara Cosmetics is:

  • 100% made in italy
  • not tested on animals

  • suitable for young and mature skin

  • suitable for the treatment of dry to oily skin

  • suitable for women and men
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • delicate, easily absorbed and non-greasy




Our formulations are constantly updated and improved, for the ingredients refer to the list on the packaging or in the shop section for online purchases.

The cream contains:

  • italian organic donkey milk

  • italian organic olive oil

  • essential oils extracted directly from plants, fruits and flowers

The cream does not contain:

  • petrolatum

  • mineral oils

  • sles
  • sls

  • parabens

  • silicones

Beauty Tips

The best results are obtained after a shower, morning and / or evening.

The opening of the pores of the skin allows it to penetrate deeply and leaves a soft and fresh feeling all day long.

Spread the cream with gentle massages starting from the ankles to the waist and from the wrists to the shoulders.