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SARA Srl is a dynamic company always looking for new formulations, it studies and makes cosmetics based on donkey’s milk and organic extra virgin olive oil. The cosmetics Sara are enriched with medicinal herbs from spontaneous collection and essential oils. Sara Cosmetici formulations keep the skin’s hydrolipidic balance unaltered, moisturizing it making it soft and radiant. The quality of Sara Cosmetici products is guaranteed by careful study and the correct use of active ingredients with the most modern and advanced technologies. they inspire ethical values that care for human health, animal welfare, integrity and environmental protection. Sara cosmetics are made in full respect of the uses, ethical and religious values of the countries where they are marketed.
Sara Cosmetici is close to the needs of its consumers, improving its products every day based on their needs.

Sara Srl with its lines,

donkey milk line, olive oil line, child hygiene, solar line and parfum line

is one of the youngest cosmetic companies with customers all over the world.

by SARA Srl

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