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After Shave Olive Oil and Sandal



White dispenser with pump 100 ml


The moment of shaving for a man is an important moment and an art that is not simple and can often give rise to some inconvenience such as redness or irritation of the skin.

The Aftershave Olive Lotion and Sandal Sara Cosmetic is an after shave lotion with a light and emollient texture suitable for all skin types of all ages. With sandalwood oil with calming properties and olive oil with moisturizing and protective properties, it gives the skin a feeling of freshness that lasts all day. After its use the skin will be wrapped in a sense of well-being.


Our after shave olive oil and sandal has been designed to soothe the redness of the most sensitive skins due to both electric and manual shaving, giving you a feeling of well-being immediately and is an excellent ally for the man who loves to shave daily.

The Aftershave Olive Lotion and Sandal Sara Cosmetic is:

  • 100% made in italy

  • not tested on animals

  • suitable for young and mature skin

  • suitable for the treatment of dry to oily skin

  • enriched with sandalwood emollient oil

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • delicate, easily absorbed and non-greasy

  • a product with a light fragrance and a delicate sandal fragrance




Our formulations are constantly updated and improved, for the ingredients refer to the list on the packaging or in the shop section for online purchases.


The aftershave contains:

  • italian organic olive oil

  • essential oils extracted directly from plants, fruits and flowers

The aftershave does not contain:

  • petrolatum

  • mineral oils

  • sles
  • sls

Beauty Tips:

Fresh and invigorating lotion, specific to soothe irritation caused by shaving.

Apply the aftershave lotion on the face after daily shaving, massaging gently to favor absorption.